what is network topology and types

NETWORK ARCHITECTURE This article about network topology Network architecture describe how a network is arranged and how resources are coordinated and shared. It encompasses a variety of different network specifics, including network topologies and strategies. Network topology describes the physical arrangement of the network. Network strategies define how information and resources are shared. TOPOLOGIES A … Read more

how many types of network explain it

Clearly, different types of channels___wired or wireless___allow different kinds of networks to be formed. Telephone lines, for instance, may connect communications equipment within the same building or within a home. Networks also may be citywhide and even international,eusing both cable and wireless connections. Local area, metropolitan area, and wide area, networks are distinguished by the … Read more

what is data transmission and its types

This article about data transmission Several factors affect how data is transmitted. These factors include bandwidth and protocols. BANDWIDTH Bandwidth is a measurement of the width or capacity of the communication channel. Effectively, it means how much information can move across the communication channel in a given amount of time. For example, to transmit text … Read more

connection device

What is connection device? We are know here about connection device. Connection device is a good article here. At one time nearly all computer communication used telephone lines. However, because the telephone was originally designed for voice transmission, telephones typically send and receive analog signals, which are continuous electronic waves. Computer, in contrast, send and … Read more

what are wireless connections, communication channels

COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Communication channels are an essential element of every communication system. These channels actually carry data from one computer to another. There are two categories of communication channels. One category connects sending and receiving devices by providing a physical connection, such as a writer or cable. The other category is wireless. PHYSICAL CONNECTIONS WIRELESS … Read more

types of software

How many types of software? There are two kinds of software. System software and Application software. TYPES OF SOFTWARE System software works with end users, and computer hardware to handle the majority of technical details. Application software can be described as end user software and is used to accomplish a variety of tasks. How many … Read more

what is the software application

Application software might be described as end user software. Application software can be divided into three categories. One category, general-purpose applications, includes word processing programs, spreadsheet, presentation graphics, and database management system. Another category, specialized applications, includes thousands of other programs that tend to be more narrowly focused and used in specific disciplines and occupations. … Read more